Welcome to CraftingWarriors PE

This is the lobby

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And also welcome! (MineCraft PE) Server Name: CoolCraft IP: D60728.pocket.pe Port: 60728


Donate Now For Our Server For Ranks

Be one of our staffs

So how to donate? 1st download the app called Leet Donation App 2nd Open the app 3rd put the IP: D60728.pocket.pe Port: 60728
4th choose how much to donate
[($0.99 = Builder or Mod) ($1.99 = Admin) ($2.99 = Admin) ($4.99 = CoOwner) ($9.99 = Owner) ($14.99 = 2ndMainOwner) ($19.99 or higher = I'm really thankful, you can choose all ranks you wanted except for RealMainOwner) 5th click donate then tell PianoRalph04 that you donated or comment on https://minecraftpocket-servers.com/server/59686/comments/    or tell him on Kik that you donated and my username is PIANOCRAFT6000

Votes are available!

Vote here:  bit.ly/Vote4CoolC     Also votes are broken, just tell Any staffs that you voted then, tell them to check if you vote to make sure. So, how to vote? 1st go to the link, 2nd put your username, 3rd complete captcha, 4th click vote, then done. Then claim your reward 

With Warps


We   have PvP, Parkour, Spleef, Maze (Incoming), and more to come, please donate now, for ranks and more warps


Yay! Spleef is Here!

Outside view

Yay! Spleef is Here!

Are you ready to step in?

Yay! Spleef is Here!

Be sure to be ready to Spleef!

Yay! Spleef is Here!

View in the inside

This Is the PvP Warps

Just choose a PvP Warp

Underground PvP

You can PvP any time you wanted here


You're free, but not much. Hahaha

You are free to build here, but you can't break warps